Please Help Me Identify This Music!

UPDATED: The MP3 track available for download below is music that i like... but i don't know who or what it is. This recording is from an old old Sierra On-Line computer game promo VHS tape. It's the music behind the voice-over that i'm interested in (the filmic piano theme). It was uncredited. It might be stock music, but it's excellent and i was hoping to locate the source and name, etc. The other three tracks that i previously had posted here have been identified by the people i thought would be the ones to do so: The fine folks at the college radio station WMUH, 91.7. (Larry Fast's "The Jupitur Menace") THANK YOU!

i would greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer on identifying this last piece of music. Please send any information to dysamoria at dysamoria dot com. Thank you

- Sierra Promo - Man Hunter 2 promo music

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