Spending hours crafting responses to random internet denizens’ Facebook comments feels foolish, but I do it often enough. Because Facebook is a horrible tool for writing anything but a snarky one-liner, I have taken to crafting these time-wasting commentaries in a note app on my mobile devices. I started saving them. It seemed a sensible thing to do. If I invest so much of myself into writing them, why should they be no more than ephemeral bits, lost forever in Facebook’s black hole of a content system?

It occurred to me that it has been a long time since I’ve blogged and it might be worthwhile to clean up and publish some of my Facebook commentaries on a blog.

After going through the pain of setting up a self-hosted blog (incomplete as of this writing), I looked over my saved commentaries and realized I’m not comfortable presenting them as standalone articles. [sigh]

So now what? I’ve been down the path of prostituting my personal life for Internet voyeurs and have little motivation to do so a second time, as well as being in a completely different frame of mind compared to then. I have a silly little tech blog on Blogger (a horrible product), but it’s more for reposting anti-tech tech articles I find around the web rather than lots of¬†original content. I meant this blog to be my own original content, but not explicitly personal.

I guess we’ll see what happens…